Shoe Trees

Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe and it's important to take care of them.  Men who don't use shoe trees tend to have shoes that look like this!

People notice your shoes more than you realize and it is important to take care of your investment.  Shoe trees are not just for your dress shoes so make sure you are also putting them in your casual shoes.

Here's what you need to know about shoes trees and why should you use them...

Shoe trees are instruments that are inserted into shoes after they have been worn.  They help maintain the original shape, prevent creases and cracking, absorb moisture, and minimize odors.  The best type are cedar.  Plastic shoe trees are not recommended because they don't absorb the moisture from your shoes at the end of the day.   On average, you can pick up a pair for $25-$30 from most shoe stores.  You can spend a lot more on them, but it's really not necessary if you are on a budget.  You also don't need a shoe tree for every pair of shoes you own, a few pair that you rotate between shoes will do just fine.

This pair of dress shoes I have had for more than two years and as you can see, one of my favorite mottoes is "Shoe Trees every day keep the creases away!"

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