9 shoe care tools every guy should have

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Every man needs to know how to take care of his shoes.  Yes, there is a guy at the airport or on the corner downtown that can shine your shoes for a fee but what happens when you need a shine in a pinch?  Whether you like it or not, people look at your shoes and it's important that they look good.  Think of them as the foundation of your wardrobe.  If they don't look good, it doesn't matter how much your jeans, slacks, shirt, or suit cost.  One thing left out in this blog is shoe trees, because they were addressed in a previous blog titled, "Trees in your Shoes??? Absolutely!!!"  So here is a list of the stuff you need to take proper care of your shoes.  Before I forget, you will need something to put them in so find a cool box.

1-3.  Wash cloth (not used for your face), Cleaner and Conditioner, and a Leather and Suede Protector spray

4-5.  The Suede Cleaner Bar and Brush

6-7.  Dauber brushes and Polish (Black, Dark Brown, and Neutral)

8-9.  Horsehair Shine Brush and Polishing Cloth

My care products happen to be from Cole Haan because the majority of my shoes come from them, but you can by these supplies from a lot of different sources.  Some stores carry kits that come with everything pictured above.  I will post a how-to polish your shoes video in the future.  Until then, grab the stuff you need to keep your shoes looking as good as the day you bought them.

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